The Programme “Genti Arrubia”

Thursday 20 september  22,00/03,00  DJ: Aurélien Niort (France)
Friday 21 september       22,00/03,00  DJ: Paolo Persiani (Italy)
Saturday 22 september  22,00/03,00  DJ: Céline Devèze (France)
Sunday 23 september    17,00/23,00  DJ: Paola Nocitango (Italy)

Participation fee milongas 20, 21 and 22 September plus milonga de despedida on Sunday 23 September including dinner buffet: €80,00

This event is a tango meeting.

This is not a festival, there are no lessons nor shows, this is not a marathon

– It is an intimate space to dance in milonguero embrace,
– Where we dance in pairs, but also along with the other couples,
– Where the invitation comes by mirada y cabeceo,
– Where we dance socially and not always with the same partners
– Where we circulate on the dance floor, keeping our feet on the ground, following the dance flow
– Where we make room for dancers that follow,
– where we leave enough room for the dancers before us
– Where we join the dance flow respecting the other couples who are already there

We invite all those who share this idea of dance and wish to live this experience and the magic of this kind of meetings.