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Cagliari, it will surprise you


The venue of the meeting is the Tango Loft, a milonga with history because it has witnessed the start of the tango community in Cagliari. This milonga has changed with time, constantly improving its  space to become more and more welcoming .


The atmosphere is intimate and warm, the bar is spacious and fully equipped, there is a wide parking lot and it is possible to dance until late at night without disturbing anyone, because the milonga is actually a loft on the outskirts of the industrial area of Cagliari.

The city of Cagliari, has an ideal size (population of 149 107 inhabitants in an area of 85.45 km ²) , and this makes easy travelling by car or public transportation.




From an architectural point of view, Cagliari is a city full of towers and ramparts: a symbol of the city is the Bastione Saint Remy, built on the circuit of the fortified medieval city.

Other places of historical and architectural interest are the t Tower of the Elephant and Tower of San Pancrazio, which lead to the medieval quarter of Castello .





Recommended to people who love nature is an environmental protected area between Cagliari and Quartu S.Elena is the Park of Molentargius, one of the most important wetlands in Europe. In the past,  it was used for the production of salt but today many endangered species such as pink flamingos , white herons and cormorants find shelter there.










The Tango Loft