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This year we have an agreement with Hotel Panorama , a 4 star hotel located midway position between the city center and the beautiful Poetto beach.
The special conditions include:
Room and breakfast                € 45.00 per day per person
Extra for single                        € 20.00
Third bed                                 10% discount

Dinner price                            € 19.00 per day per person (3-course menu with 1/2 liter water, other drinks not included)
Payment conditions                 30% on confirmation, balance by 25.05.2017

For those who are not interested in this agreement, Cagliari offers a wide range of accommodation in both B&B and hotel. Best conditions can be obtained by reserving well in advance through the most known hotel booking web sites such as,,, airbnb.


4 stars hotels in town (approx. distance from the city beach, the Poetto: between 10 and 20 minutes by car)


3 stars hotels in town (approx. distance from the city beach, the Poetto: between 10 and 20 minutes by car)


Hotels and B&B on the city beach, the Poetto (about 20 minutes by car from the milonga)

Bed and breakfast in the heart of the ancient city center

(about 10 minutes from the milonga, and 15 minutes by car from the city beach, the Poetto)


Useful link for B&B search



According to a model successfully implemented in the previous editions, in order to ensure you a maximum level of independence when travelling from the hotel to the milonga and back, we have made a deal with a local taxi company.

We think this offer is quite appropriate, because it allows you to choose the time of your trip and does not oblige to follow a fixed timetable of a shuttle bus.

According to the taxi company’s proposal, you can travel by taxi to and from the milonga at the fixed price of 5 Euros per person per trip, provided that there are 3 passengers for each trip, in case the hotel is in the centre of the city, or 4 passengers in case the hotel is out of the centre (e.g. at the Poetto’s beach).

When you call the taxi, you just have to agree with some other guests and make sure to travel in 3. If you are less than 4, you will have to pay the difference to reach the price of the taxi fare: 15 euros or 20 euros, depending on the distance.

To use this service, you can buy in advance as many coupons worth 5 euro as the trips you plan to make. So, for example, if you plan 2 trips per day (round trip) for the 4 days of the encuentro, you can buy 8 coupons, and you will pay 10 euro per day (40 euros).

If you are interested in the proposal please let us know how many coupons we must pre-pay for you. Upon arrival at the hotel, you will find an envelope with your name on with the coupons that you have ordered and you will reimburse us at your first entrance in milonga.